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Eb & Flow

Eb & Flow

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Linda van Boven

The memories of her childhood and significant life events inspire the images in her recent work. However, the emotions that the images evoke are not heavy, but rather hopeful and light. The overexposure and vague lighting in her photos create a fragmented and foggy effect, which closely resembles the images in one's memory after a dream, leaving only contours of overexposed-looking film lingering.

Van Boven often employs familiar images in her work - houses, beds, children, and swings, to name a few, which are ordinary and commonplace. These recognizable subjects tap into personal memories, and the fragments of her work unintentionally create a kind of endearing narrative poem that comes to mind from memory.

Linda van Boven's work is distinctive and captivating, evoking personal emotions and memories through her art. Her unique artistic approach and style set her apart in the art world, and her work continues to resonate with many.

Edition 3


Size: 55 x 35cm

Material:(en): Photo print on hahnemuhle paper

Finish: 2009


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Linda van Boven

Linda van Boven, an Amsterdam-based artist and photographer, possesses an innate talent for creating evocative and compelling visual experiences. Her artistic journey commenced at the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where she laid the foundation for her creative expression. Continuing her pursuit of artistic excellence, van Boven further honed her skills at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, under the guidance of esteemed artist Luciano Fabro.

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