Rombout Oomen

Rombout Oomen

Introducing Rombout Oomen: A Visionary Storyteller in Contemporary Expressionistic Art

Rombout Oomen, a Dutch artist born in Amsterdam in 1975, is a master of visually captivating storytelling. While the visual representation of his works may vary, the underlying context and narrative always revolve around his personal interests and unique perspective on sociological and social phenomena. Oomen's art offers a glimpse into his individual universe and realm, where he interprets and reimagines stories inspired by our current society.

One striking characteristic of Oomen's works is their vibrant and colorful nature, exuding a clear extroverted energy. They serve as individualistic depictions of how he perceives the larger world and his inner experiences. Trained in a Dutch manner, Oomen's visual language clearly reflects his Northern European roots and contemporary expressionistic influences, which he developed during his time living in Germany. Over the years, he has honed a personal technique and style for his figurative and narrative images, resulting in a distinctive artistic voice.

For Oomen, painting is a spiritual journey towards a conclusion that cannot be reached literally. He embraces the paradox of a never-ending journey, and his paintings embody the visual manifestation of this ongoing narrative. Through his art, Oomen explores the depths of his own creative process and invites viewers to join him on this introspective and transformative voyage.

The compositions in Oomen's paintings often draw inspiration from the Enlightenment period, exhibiting a sense of rationalism. However, his scenes and performances shatter the cool rational facade, as he infuses his works with fiery and dangerous lighting. The figures portrayed in his paintings seem to have stepped out of Jacques-Louis David's revolutionary and thrilling environment of the 18th century. Initially appearing perfumed, well-groomed, and dignified, they descend into a bacchanal where they become possessed, stuffed, and exhausted—without illusions or an escape route. Oomen presents a carnival-like carousel that leads them through the night, intoxicated. The narrative of his work leaves behind reason, love, and salvation, replacing them with worn-out lust and grotesque concepts that offer fleeting moments of excitement and instant happiness, yet raise questions about their sustainability.

Oomen often works in series, such as his "Slumberland Manifesto," and he favors large formats that demand attention. His art can be found adorning walls, factory-size canvases in industrial buildings, or even gracing the side of a skyscraper like his "Swan on the A'DAM-Tower" overlooking the River IJ in Amsterdam. His works possess a compelling ambiguity—an expressive quality that never becomes noisy. Taking the time to explore Oomen's euphoric pictures reveals a subdued, poignant element lurking in the depths. It becomes apparent that amidst the darkness of his work, a bare romantic element resides. As Dutch historian and journalist Bas Kok aptly described it, Oomen's art resides on the cutting edge of contradictions.

Rombout Oomen's talent has garnered recognition from various prestigious collections worldwide, both in company and private domains. His artworks are proudly displayed in esteemed institutions such as the HNA Company in New York City and Shanghai, Google Italy in Milan, and the German Ministry of Finance in Berlin. Additionally, his art finds a home in private collections in Berlin, the Netherlands, Seattle, and several other locations.

Rombout Oomen's body of work embodies a mesmerizing blend of captivating narratives, vibrant expressionism, and thought-provoking contradictions. As viewers immerse themselves in his art, they are invited to embark on a visual and emotional journey that transcends boundaries and challenges perceptions, ultimately leaving an indelible mark on their understanding of the world.

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