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If you want to see the Sun

If you want to see the Sun

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Rombout Oomen

'If you want to see the Sun'

Behold the bright and colorful artwork of Dutch artist Rombout Oomen in his series 'If you want to see the Sun'. His works explore the often complex issues of our society, interpreted through his unique lens. With their vivid colors and distinct energy, his pieces tell stories that delve into the personal and the societal.


Size: Diameter 126 cm 8 cm deep

Material:(en): Oil on linen

Finish: 2023

Collection: Paradise Garden

Nr. of items in collection: 4/10


Weight: approx. 6 kg

Musea & Exhibitions:

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Date of creation:

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Rombout Oomen

Rombout Oomen, a Dutch artist born in Amsterdam in 1975, is a master of visually captivating storytelling. While the visual representation of his works may vary, the underlying context and narrative always revolve around his personal interests and unique perspective on sociological and social phenomena. Oomen's art offers a glimpse into his individual universe and realm, where he interprets and reimagines stories inspired by our current society.

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