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Erik Odijk


Erik Odijk makes drawings in his studio and at exhibition places where he works in situ on the wall. The protagonist in his oeuvre is nature, the artist travels through wild landscapes and in his work goes back to the experience of the place. His drawn landscapes are lovely and wild. A layered drawing style makes the fabric of time and its slow grip on nature tangible. The style is traditional; formally, it is reminiscent of the hallucinatory lines in Jan Toorop's landscapes from the Symbolism period. Erik Odijk depicts the vitality and darkness of nature. His work is permeated with the idea that actually experiencing nature is an intoxicating experience that we have difficulty accessing in our time. For this reason, photography is given a more important place in his current work. Recently, Erik Odijk has been compiling photo series of his journeys through landscapes, bringing an objective view of the experience of the place into play. The photographs form a counterpoint to the drawings and are an extension of the research into the natural experience in the 21st century.


Size: 32x45 cm

Material:(en): Graphite and watercolor pencil on paper

Finish: 2009


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Erik Odijk

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