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1065 A.D

1065 A.D

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Erik Odijk

'1065 A.D'

The changing perception of nature. In his work he captures the split feeling of the nature traveller, who knows that every step he takes may damage this environment, but who nevertheless cannot resist the call of the wilderness. The inner contradiction that this artist/traveller experiences emerges convincingly in his lyrics about the current call for nature in our culture. In his text for the Power of Place study trip in the United States in 2007, Erik Odijk writes:

The duality of Arcadia - the tender and the rugged, the ordered and the wild - is a notion to be explored. Parks and other bucolic areas provide a sort of 'lovely Arcadia', featuring tranquil environments for leisure, socializing, and recreation. At the same time, there is an appetite for wildness and untamed nature. This is manifested in the transformation of agricultural landscapes through the creation of river vliet forests and the re-introduction of wildlife, amidst other initiatives. How to strike a balance between the safety of parks and gardens and the inescapable wildness of nature is a question to be asked. This exploration of place and its metaphors - from the foundations of the landscape to its permeability to diseases - speaks to the essence of our relationship with the environment, one rooted in human nature.



Size: 32x45cm

Material:(en): Graphite and watercolor pencil on paper

Finish: 2011

Collection: 1 out of 1

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Weight: 230 gram

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Erik Oodijk

Erik Odijk is an artist whose practice revolves around drawing, both within the confines of his studio and on-site at exhibition spaces. His work is deeply rooted in the exploration of nature, as he traverses wild landscapes, seeking to reconnect with the essence of each place. Odijk's drawings depict landscapes that are simultaneously beautiful and untamed, evoking a sense of wonder and awe.

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